‘A heath, steppe, a steppe-like heath, or wherever. Now, in the middle ages, or whenever. What can be seen there?


My forebears are approaching from every side . . .


I have waited for you for a long time . . . it is not I who does not leave you in peace . . . you don’t leave me in peace, not ever . . .


Where have we all come together now? Which time applies here anyway? When is now? The time of heath and steppe? Or the real time, historical time, the shitty time . . . lost for ever, lost by you and also by me?


The year nineteen hundred and thirty six was our happy year. It was a year of sun and snow . . .


But that’s not the whole story.’



Peter Handke’s Storm Still (Seagull Books, 2014) Translated from the German by Martin Chalmers.


Adapted for the stage by musician Varun Kishore and actor Tanaji Dasgupta. Varun, with original compositions that create a new environment for the text. Tanaji, with a uniquely individual  interpretation of the text.


It’s a dream, a rant, a stream of consciousness,  a string of memories.


About life and death. And war and peace.  And family. And roots.


It's about the past and the future. Colliding in the    present.